Plastic #7 (Other)

Check Your Local Recycling Guidelines

Plastic #7 is a diverse category including any plastic other than #1-6 and can include fossil-fuel based plastics, as well as bioplastics or compostable plastics derived from plants. Single-use bioplastic cups made of polylactic acid (PLA) are in #7, as are water jugs made from polycarbonate (PC).

Polycarbonate (PC) Plastic

Polycarbonate plastic is under the umbrella of plastic #7 and should be avoided whenever possible. Some baby bottles and older plastic water coolers can be made of PC plastic. PC plastic contains bisphenol A (BPA), a chemical which may impact hormones in the body.

Find more information on the Food Packaging Forum’s website.


Biodegradable Plastic Is Not Recyclable

Vegetable-based plastics such as PLA are often labeled as plastic #7, but they are not recyclable. Find out what to do with biodegradable bags and compostable cups, plates & utensils.

Did You Know?

PLA Plastic vs. PET Plastic

PET plastic is a petroleum-based plastic while PLA plastic is a bioplastic typically made from fermented plant starch. While PET plastic can be easily recycled, PLA is more difficult to recycle and requires a special facility in order to be composted. Before disposing, avoid contaminating your recycling by double-checking whether your item is PET or PLA and the current disposal instructions for that material.