Beverage Containers

Check Your Local Recycling Guidelines Recycle Return to Deposit Redemption Site

Some beverage containers are covered under the NYS Returnable Container Act, also known as the “Bottle Bill”. Residents can return these beverage containers to local redemption sites to get their deposits back. CLICK HERE to view which beverage containers are covered under the Bottle Bill.

Other beverage containers, such as non-carbonated sports drinks in plastic bottles, are not covered under the Bottle Bill, but are commonly accepted by recycling programs throughout the state. These containers should be placed into the recycle bin.

Other beverage containers, such as drink cartons, are accepted for recycling in some communities but not in others. And, some beverage containers, such as flexible drink pouches, are not commonly accepted for recycling and should be disposed of in the trash.

Check your local recycling guidelines to learn which beverage containers are and are not accepted for recycling in your community, and if caps should be left on the containers or not. All beverage containers should be rinsed and dry prior to recycling.