Alternative ways to recycle
Donate or Sell if Usable Scrap Metal Recycling Landfill, Transfer Station, or Curbside Collection

Donate or sell usable bikes. To find local donation locations, check out the NYS Reuse Locator Map.

Metal bikes that cannot be repaired should be brought to a scrap metal collection site for recycling.

Non-metal bikes like those made from carbon fiber that cannot be repaired should be taken to a landfill or transfer station, or placed out by the curb if local pick-up is available in your community. 

bike tire

Tires Can Be Recycled

Used or worn bike tires can generally be recycled along with automotive tires. Find out how to recycle tires. There are also free recycling programs for bike inner tubes. Find out how to dispose of bike inner tubes.

Alternative Ways to Recycle


Check out the International Bicycle Fund’s directory of community bike programs and youth-specific programs. Some organizations only accept whole, working bikes, but others will accept bikes and parts in any condition, so check before donating.

resource revival logo

Recycle Chains with Resource Revival®

Resource Revival® upcycles bicycle chains into products like bottle openers, key chains, and race medals. They offer free UPS pickup for used, rust-free bicycle chains. Find out more.

bike chair by bike furniture design

Upcycle with Bike Furniture Design

Bike Furniture Design upcycles bicycle and motorcycle parts into furniture, and offers donors a discount on their furniture in return. Find out more.

Ways to Reuse


Check out The Cottage Blog or Hometalk for ideas on how to upcycle your bicycle, including creating a hanging pot rack from a bicycle wheel.