Coat Hangers (Wire)

Donate or Sell if Usable Scrap Metal Recycling

Usable metal coat hangers should be donated or sold. To find local donation locations, check out the NYS Reuse Locator Map.

Metal coat hangers that are no longer usable should be dropped off at scrap metal recycling sites.


Unsafe to Recycle

Wire coat hangers are not safe to recycle. They can get caught in recycling equipment and cause jams, machinery damage and injuries to workers. Keep wire hangers out of your recycling.

Recycle the Paper on the Hanger

The paper or lightweight cardboard that sometimes comes on wire hangers is recyclable. The foam and yarn that can accompany wire hangers are not recyclable and should be thrown in the garbage.


Recycle the Dry Cleaning Bag

Dry cleaning bags can be recycled with plastic bags.

Ways to Reduce

Bring Your Own Hangers

When you take clothing to the dry cleaners, deliver them on your own hangers. That way, they won’t send you home with additional wire hangers.

Ways to Reuse

Return to the Dry Cleaners

Many dry cleaners are willing to take your unwanted wire hangers back and reuse them.


Donate or Give Away

Hang clothing on unwanted hangers when donating to thrift stores. Many will accept the hangers this way, though some will accept them individually as well. You can also give hangers away on Craigslist or Freecycle.

Did You Know?

The Most Eco-Friendly Hanger

Which clothes hanger is the most eco-friendly? No hanger is easy to recycle, because most are made of multiple types of materials. However, wood hangers tend to last the longest, which makes them an ideal investment. Wire hangers tend to lose their shape, and plastic hangers often break.

The Impact of the Dry Cleaning Industry

Dry cleaners go through 3.5 billion wire hangers every year, or about 60,000 cars’ worth of steel, exposing a clear need for more sustainable and easily recyclable hangers.