Dishes and Ceramics

Donate or Sell if Usable Do Not Put In Recycling

If your dishes or ceramics are still in working condition, consider donating them. To find local donation locations, check out the NYS Reuse Locator Map.


Glassware Goes in the Garbage

Your unwanted glass dishes cannot go in the recycling because they melt at a different temperature than other types of glass. Learn what to do with glassware.

Ceramic Mug

Ceramic Isn't Recyclable

Ceramic can’t be melted down at most waste facilities. Recycling facilities that accept brick and concrete will sometimes accept ceramics.

Broken China Next To a Hammer

Break Down Broken Dishes

Be careful when you dispose of broken dishes, since jagged or sharp edges could injure a sanitation worker. If you can, wrap up the pieces in a cloth and break them down further with a hammer so they won’t hurt anyone. Then, dispose of them as broken glass.

Broken Glass

Never Recycle Broken Glass

Never recycle any broken glass item, even glass bottles or jars. Broken glass can injure trash haulers and sanitation workers. Learn what to do with broken glass.

Ways to Reuse

Antique Dishes and Cups

Sell Your China

If you have a vintage china set, you can try selling to an organization like Replacements, Ltd.

Did You Know?

Some Dishes Can Kill

The FDA only recently (close to 40 years ago) created regulations for leachable lead in dinnerware. Consequently, some vintage dishes contain dangerous levels of lead, and sometimes even more harmful substances, such as uranium. Experts recommend doing an at-home lead test for your vintage dishes, as well as avoiding heating your dishes, and remaining wary of cracks and fades in ceramic glaze.