Face Masks

Donate or Sell if Usable Do Not Put In Recycling

Consider donating clean, reusable cloth masks with other textiles. Check out the NYS Textile Recycling Locator Map.


Toss Masks in the Garbage

Toss disposable masks in the garbage after wearing them. They are made of mixed materials and cannot be recycled.

Dispose of Masks Carefully When Sick

If you or a household member has an infectious illness, use extra care when disposing of masks. Wash your hands before and after removing the mask. Place the used mask in a resealable bag then toss in garbage.


Dispose of Cloth Masks As Textiles

If you need to get rid of a reusable cloth mask, it can be disposed of with other clothing and textiles, but make sure to clean it first.

Help Prevent Litter

Face masks are made of lightweight materials that easily find their way into the environment. Make sure face masks don’t blow away by disposing of them properly.

Ways to Reduce


Switch to Reusable Masks

By investing in reusable cloth masks, you add a tiny bit to your laundry each week and save on a lot of plastic waste. You’ll look more fashionable, too!

Ways to Reuse

Donate Unwanted Masks

If you have disposable masks that are unopened, or reusable masks that you will not use, consider donating them or giving them away.

Did You Know?

The Most Eco-Friendly Mask

With masks piling up in parking lots, on beaches and in the ocean, which kind is the most eco-friendly choice? According to the University College of London, reusable masks are the most eco-friendly, but only if you skip the disposable filter and machine wash them — hand washing masks uses excessive soap and water.