Ironing Boards

Donate or Sell if Usable Scrap Metal Recycling

Usable ironing boards can be sold or donated. To find local donation locations, check out the NYS Reuse Locator Map.

Metal ironing boards that are no longer usable may be dropped off at scrap metal recycling sites.


Metal Pieces Are Scrap Metal

If you dismantle the ironing board, the bare metal frame can be disposed of as scrap metal.

Fabric Top Is a Textile

If you dismantle the ironing board, the fabric top can be disposed of with other clothing and textiles.

Ways to Reduce

Buy a Used Ironing Board

Ironing boards last a long time, so save resources by picking up a used one. Thrift stores often sell gently used ironing boards, or you can find one on a local reselling website or app such as Nextdoor, Craigslist, Freecycle or OfferUp.

Skip Ironing Entirely

There are lots of methods to de-wrinkle your clothes without an ironing board. Sometimes all you need is a clothes hanger and a spray bottle of warm water to get those wrinkles out. Check out more tips from The Spruce to get your clothes looking fresh and presentable.

Ways to Reuse

Donate to a Thrift Store

If your ironing board is clean and in working condition, consider donating it or giving it away.