Pet Supplies

Donate or Sell if Usable Special Management Instructions

If the supplies is still in working condition, consider selling or donating it. To find local donation locations, check out the NYS Reuse Locator Map. Check in advance if the donation location accepts pet supplies.

Steel Crates Are Scrap Metal

Once you have removed all plastic and bedding from a metal crate, you can dispose of it as scrap metal.

Stuffed Toys and Beds Are Textiles

Fabric toys and pet beds can be disposed with other textiles.

Ways to Reduce

Make Your Own Pet Toys and Supplies

Instead of buying new toys every time your pet loses or destroys one, consider making your own pet toys out of things you may otherwise throw out. You can make braided rope toys out of old jeans, or kitty puzzle treat dispensers out of old toilet paper rolls. Sometimes, your dog may enjoy a simple stuffed sock to chew on or your cat may like an old wine cork, shoestring, or ribbons to bat around.

Use an Old Crib as a Crate

You can upcycle an old baby crib as a crate for small pets using these instructions.

Ways to Reuse

Donate Gently Used and Unused Items

Your local SPCA chapter or Humane Society may accept items in good condition.

Did You Know?

The History of Pets

When did people start keeping pets? Possibly tens of thousands of years ago. Read more from the Smithsonian.