Plastic Caps

Check Your Local Recycling Guidelines

Some recycling services throughout the State allow plastic caps to be left on bottles while others request that residents remove plastic caps and dispose of them the trash. Check your local recycling guidelines to see if plastics caps should be left on or taken off where you live.


Throw Away Loose Caps

Loose plastic caps cannot be recycled. They are too small for recycling equipment to separate out and recycle with other hard plastics.

Not Infinitely Recyclable

Plastic isn’t infinitely recyclable in the same way that glass and metal are. Its quality declines each time it’s recycled, so new plastic needs to be added in order to keep recycling it.

Ways to Reduce

Reusable Water Bottle

Opt for Reusable Containers

Most plastic is made directly from oil and natural gas, not recycled plastic. When plastic does get recycled, it is often into products that are no longer recyclable. Metal and glass, which are durable and can be recycled infinitely, are always a better container choice.

Choose Glass or Aluminum

Glass and aluminum are both more recyclable than plastic. If buying something in a single-use container, opt for glass or aluminum whenever possible.